Upcoming Classes

*Winter 2021 Session and any further sessions at the U of C are cancelled for the time being due to COVID-19 concerns.

**If you would like to be notified once a session will be running, please email us at info@effectivespeedreading.com.

***Until we are able to resume live classes, we have reduced the cost of the Effective Speed Reading Home Study Kit to just $60 and the Additional Learner Packages to just $20 each (including GST and mailing costs). To order a Home Study Kit, please email us rather than purchase it through the website.

Please consider the Effective Speed Reading Home Study Kit, a DVD version of the course being taught in a classroom setting - a good option during these times of social distancing. See the Home Study page for details and testimonials.

Anyone with Grade 5 level reading ability and up
is welcome to attend.
Please note: Each session (a session consists of 2 classes) is a complete course.

To Register: Please email us and include your first and last name and phone number and preferred email address (and grade, if you are in grades 5-12).

Email to register:


Can't attend the classes? Our Home Study Kit is now available!