Frequently Asked Questions


Question: What about comprehension?  Will I still be able to understand what I'm reading?

Answer: YES!!!   Comprehension is the whole point of reading!  This course emphasizes comprehension and contains a total of 6 timings with comprehension checks. Over all, comprehension improves with faster reading and for many, the improvement is dramatic.


Question:  How fast will I learn to read?

Answer:   Participants begin at an average of 225 words per minute.  By the end of the 6 hours of instruction, typically their reading speed averages over 700 words per minute.


Question:   What is the success rate of this course?

Answer: 99.5%, or 199 students out of 200, double their speed (or more.)  Many students triple or quadruple their speed (or more!)  Evelyn gives a lot of individual attention during each class and is highly committed to the success of each student.


Question:  What ages attend your course?

Answer:  Grade 5 level reading up to Seniors - all are welcome!


Question:  Can anyone, even I, learn to speed read?