Course Information

Length of Course:

6 Hours Total

Course Content:

  • Total of 6 timings with comprehension checks
  • Discuss reading errors that lower speed and
  • Basic speed reading skills: the Read Very Well
  • Speed-boosting techniques
  • Scanning (the needle in the haystack)
  • Skimming (finding the main points)
  • Memory tools (remember what you read)
  • Study Skills (wise use of your study time)
  • 40 page program guide included


  • $120.00/person *including GST (for sessions held at the
    University of Calgary locations)

  • Bring A Friend Discount is as follows:
  • Bring a friend - Save $10 each (pay $110 each).
  • Bring 2 friends (a group of 3) - Save $20 each (pay $100 each).
  • Group of 4 - Save $30 each (pay $90 each)
  • Group of 5 or more - Save $40 each (pay $80 each).
  • Prices include GST. You may add to your group at any time up to
    the start of the first class (provided there is still room in the class), and your rate will be adjusted accordingly.

  • For on-site sessions at businesses, corporations, schools and colleges, please contact us for a quote.

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