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"I enjoyed increasing my reading speed.  I'll stop falling asleep when I read!  Excellent presentation.  Instructional methods were effective and easy to learn."


Bryon Howard
Consultant - Re/Max House Realty
Results:  Speed:  250 wpm - 725 wpm   Comprehension:  8/10 - 8/10

"Great teacher.  I told all my friends to sign up.  Very useful course.  I learned I have to take more risks.  I was too scared to go fast.  Great instruction.  Makes you more aware of your abilities."


Kimberly Mackay
University of Calgary student
National Sports Development
Office Manager
Results:  Speed:  225 wpm - 575 wpm 
Comprehension:  10/10 - 7/10

"I enjoyed the timings and seeing how my speed and comprehension progressed.  The course material was covered in a timely and effective, efficient manner.  This course will help me at work and in school."


Rosalind Dunphy
Mount Royal College student

Results:  Speed:  175 wpm - 825 wpm    Comprehension: 7/10 - 9/10

"Great results! I'm bored when reading slow!  (I have A.D.D.).  Excellent, clear, easy  to follow instructions."

Results:  Speed:  350 wpm - 1150 wpm   Comprehension:  4/10 - 9/10

"I liked the idea that my brain can do much more than I presently expect.  I now realize I can go out for more learning, more achievement.  I am impressed with the course - it is more than I expected.  Evelyn is very efficient, short time yields big results.  She is easy to follow.  A very good investment for me, the time spent here will have a huge impact on saving time down the road.  Passing future certification exams will significantly increase my income, so money-wise this is an excellent investment."

Dan Ranca
CCSI Technology Solutions
Systems Administrator
Results:  Speed:  200 wpm - 550 wpm    Comprehension:  7/10 - 9/10

"I enjoyed the memory tools, and the faster-than-comfortable techniques to help the brain work faster.  The mnemonics were very interesting.  I will use flash cards from this point forward.  Excellent course, lots of fun.  The structure of the class was well laid out and organized.  Evelyn, you are genuinely interested in people and it shows with everything you do.  Thanks again. This course is just what I needed to break barriers."

Dan Hoyme
Bachelor Applied Technology
SunLife Financial
Systems Analyst
Results:  Speed:  375 wpm - 950 wpm   Comprehension:  8/10 - 8/10

"Enthusiastic teaching style.  Great tips on reading faster without letting comprehension suffer.  Really enjoyed the "style" of teaching - changing up what we were doing often to maintain interest and pace."

Janice C.
Results:  Speed:  425 wpm - 925 wpm 
Comprehension:  9/10 - 9/10

"I enjoyed everything about this course."

Kendall B.
Grade 7 student
Results:  Speed:  275 wpm - 2400 wpm   Comprehension:  9/10 - 9/10

"I really enjoyed the practical tips for improvement.  I came with an expectation to learn about speed reading and left with that knowledge and more.  I appreciate the reminders on how to study textbooks and prepare for exams.  I always start the semester with energy, and then grow less enthused as it progresses.  I feel that these study tips will help me to regain the momentum I started with. I thoroughly enjoyed the course.  I appreciate your teaching style and visuals.  You integrated a number of different learning styles in your instruction.  As an Education major I recognized and valued this".

Shani Hatch
Mount Royal College
Bachelor of Education transfer program
Results:  Speed 325 wpm - 1000 wpm 
Comprehension:  10/10 - 8/10

Shani wrote 3 months after attending the course:  "I still am using the study and speed tips for school - and they help! I got a 97% on my last midterm using a modified version of the ideas for reading text books you gave us."

"The course is well structured and interesting.  It has given me the skills to read material faster at work and recall what I read better.  Thanks Evelyn, I really enjoyed your teaching style and found the course very beneficial."

Imelda-Rose Hegerty
Lawyer - New Zealand
Results:  Speed:  200 wpm - 675 wpm 
Comprehension:  9/10 - 8/10

"Well organized.  I will have better study skills for university.  This will help me save time for my personal life.  I loved the course, not too long, not too short.  Allows you to learn a lot during the class itself and gives you a lot to go home with - more ways to improve.  Evelyn is a wonderful person to learn from - very entertaining and kind."

Gagan Gill
University of Calgary student
Biological Sciences
Results:  Speed:  200 wpm - 725 wpm    Comprehension:  9/10 - 9/10

"I loved this course.  You are a great teacher, easy to understand. You make the course fun and easy to follow."

Connor R.
Grade 9 Student
West Island College
Results:  Speed:  200 wpm - 1150 wpm   Comprehension:  6/10 - 9/10

"Easy going instruction.  Quadrupling my reading speed was cool.  Great humor, no deadspace, you really know your stuff and how to prod lazy brains into action."

Philip Rushton
Journalism Arts Student
Results:  Speed:  400wpm - 1850wpm  
Comprehension:  8/10 - 6/10

"Loved the immediate results.  I was surprised how quickly I increased my speed within a few short hours.  I learned that the most common reading mistakes substantially slowed me down.  Letting those bad habits go truly helped me to quadruple my reading speed.  Excellent course.  The quick results really impressed me".

Ralph Oballo
University of Calgary student
Results:  Speed:  175 wpm - 1150 wpm   Comprehension:  9/10 - 8/10

"Very professional.  I enjoyed learning techniques applicable to studying more efficiently."

Chris Terner

University of Calgary student
Results:  Speed:  175 wpm - 425 wpm  
Comprehension  9/10 - 7/10

"I learned that speed reading is possible and that I have the skills now to do it.  Excellent course, excellent instructor.  Loved the course and will now use this for my remaining university and onwards.  Thanks Evelyn!"

Karli Wolodko
University of Calgary
Haskayne School of Business
Results:  Speed:  200 wpm - 775 wpm  
Comprehension  10/10 - 7/10

"As an entrepreneur I spend a lot of time at workshops, seminars and reading achievement based materials.  This course allows me to assimilate information much faster and put these tools into action.  For the price this class is one of the best business tools available.  If you are in business and don't speed read you are handicapping your business."

Garrett Roberts
Results:  Speed:  225 wpm - 3,425 wpm  Comprehension:  7/10 - 8/10

"Evelyn kept the class interesting.  By being able to group phrases together, I'm able to read at a faster and more comprehensive level. I would definitely recommend this course!"

Doris Leng
Mount Royal College student
Results:  Speed:  250 wpm - 800 wpm  
Comprehension: 7/10 - 8/10

"Evelyn is easy to understand and approachable when needed.  I really enjoyed this course."

Satinder Parmar
Mount Royal College
Justice Studies
Results:  Speed:  125 wpm - 375 wpm   Comprehension:  7/10 - 6/10

"You were upbeat and interesting.  I have learned to enjoy and love reading.  This course has already helped me with my studies. Thank you so much!!"

Brent Talbot
Mount Royal College
Results:  Speed:  200 wpm - 650 wpm 
Comprehension:  6/10 - 9/10

"I'm in highschool and I've been really worried about keeping up with the reading, but now I'm way more confident!  Thank you!  It was an excellent course.  You were great!  You were easy to understand and you kept the attention of the class.  Thank you so much!"

Ellen M.
Grade 10 Student
Westmount Charter School
Results:  Speed:  350 wpm - 600 wpm   Comprehension:  8/10 - 10/10

"This course was really personal and well planned.  Well done.  Quadrupling my speed and increasing my comprehension was really rewarding. Evelyn was very positive and easy-going."

Michael Meyer
University of Calgary student
Communication and Culture
Results:  Speed: 150 wpm - 625 wpm 
Comprehension:  7/10 - 9/10

"This course was easy and effective.  Reading faster is easily possible.  This will save me years of reading or just add thousands of books to my library.  I have already recommended this course to others."

Danny Desaulniers
Doctor of Chiropractic
Okotoks, AB
Results:  Speed:  125 wpm - 725 wpm   Comprehension:  8/10 - 6/10

"Easy to understand and practice.  It will help me a lot.  I learned that I have potential to succeed in something that I didn't think I was very good at.  Very enjoyable course and easy!  Evelyn you were very personable and optimistic."

Sarah D.
Grade 11 student Forest Lawn High School

"I enjoyed the many different speed reading techniques.  My reading speed increased from 275 - 775 wpm with greater comprehension.  I'm now more excited to read.  Evelyn is upbeat and fun. She enjoys the subject."

Matthew Page-Hanify
Dale Carnegie Training
Results:  Speed:  275 wpm - 775 wpm 
Comprehension:  5/10 - 7/10

"Practical tips and ideas on improving reading speed and comprehension, and factual and expert statements to substantiate. The skimming and scanning strategies were helpful.  Fabulous course!  I learned what I do incorrectly and ways to correct them, along with ways to continually improve my speed and comprehension.  Fabulous presentation!  Evelyn you are very personable and approachable.  Your class has taken the "bite" out of the piles of reading that I have to cover for work, personal study, and school. I am also studying through Athabasca University , so I do not have much free time in my day. Now I can be more productive and use my reading time more constructively. For this, I will always be grateful!"

Nicole Amor
University of Calgary
General Studies 
Operator Services
Results:  Speed:  375 wpm - 650 wpm   Comprehension:  5/10 - 5/10

"Enthusiastic teaching style.  Great tips on reading faster without letting comprehension suffer.  Really enjoyed the "style" of teaching - changing up what we were doing often to maintain interest and pace."

Janice Charnstrom
Therapeutic Arts
Results:  Speed:  425 wpm - 925 wpm 
Comprehension:  9/10 - 9/10

"I enjoyed our wonderful and entertaining teacher, Mrs. Evelyn Levson.  Well organized.  I will have better study skills for university.  This will help me save time for my personal life.  I loved the course, not too long, not too short.  Allows you to learn a lot during the class itself and gives you a lot to go home with - more ways to improve.  Evelyn is a wonderful person to learn from - very entertaining and kind." 

Gagan Gill
University of Calgary student
Biological Sciences
Results:  Speed:  200 wpm - 725 wpm   Comprehension:  9/10 - 4/10

"I learned how to recognize what the bad habits are and the techniques to overcome them.  The session was well paced and very rewarding.  Very clear and specific direction.  Great encouragement.  This will benefit me in my work a great deal.  I wish I had something like this when I was in university."

Joyce Tschmier
Sales Rep and Trainer
Winnipeg Manitoba
Results:  Speed:  250 wpm - 575 wpm  Comprehension:   9/10 - 8/10

"Great atmosphere and teaching.  Very valuable course.  I tripled my speed and feel that I can double that, with practice.  Evelyn is very enthusiastic and passionate about teaching this course."

Chris Mckanna
University of Calgary graduate
Results:  Speed:  200 wpm - 625 wpm   Comprehension:  10/10 - 6/10


Home Study Kit Testimonials

"This Home Study course was fantastic! I liked how it was recorded in a real class. Evelyn is a natural teacher. I like the applications to real life, other situations where you can apply these skills."

D. Anderson, P.Eng, M.Sc. Regina, Saskatchewan

"I enjoyed the DVDs. Effective techniques and good reinforcement. Evelyn is easy to understand and pleasant to listen to."

N. Brooks Boston, Massachusetts

"One of my biggest problems was my mind wandering. With this course my speed improved and my comprehension increased. I have used the Home Study Kit in tutoring and seen dramatic improvements with a long term client's reading speed and accuracy.  He is in junior high and has struggled with reading since grade three.  His reading skills improved almost "overnight!" This course will help me to teach study skills more effectively as I tutor and home school my own children."

Kelly L., B.Ed (Elementary Education) Calgary, Alberta

"I took this Home Study course to help me speed up my reading for the purpose of medical school interviews. Initially I feared that if I read faster, I would not be able to understand or retain what I read. Evelyn’s course changed all that! Her teaching methods are easy to understand and she puts a lot of emphasis on comprehension. Her passion for teaching is clear and she truly seems to care about helping others discover their potential. I felt that I could go at my own pace and saw improvement. I recommend her course to all my friends. I like reading so much more since I’ve increased my speed. Thank you Evelyn!"

Adina   Calgary, Alberta
Results:  Speed:  275 wpm - 950 wpm 
Comprehension:  9/10 to 9/10

"Wow! Your program works! I am one of those people that thought they couldn’t do it. I found the course beneficial and my reading speed increased."

J. Olson Alliance, Nebraska

"Excellent presentation. Delightful instructor. Clear, easy to follow instructions. My reading speed doubled and my comprehension scores increased. I would recommend this course to others."

Nicole F. Woodland Hills, California
BA English
Ryan CLAD teaching credential
MA Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies

"I enjoyed the DVD course a lot, and found it very helpful. I began as a very slow reader at 175 words per minute and increased to 675 words per minute with great comprehension! I liked that it was filmed in class. I felt like I was another student in the classroom, a comfortable and familiar situation for me. This DVD course helped me prepare for taking the LSAT.  I was able to complete sections more efficiently and effectively, thus helping me achieve a higher score."

Alix H., B.A. (Psychology, Sociology) Edmonton, Alberta

"My reading speed went from 250 wpm to 700 wpm and my comprehension scores increased from 80% to 90%. It is amazing that such a small amount of focused time and effort has produced such fantastic results!"

A. Loggains Greensboro, North Carolina

"This DVD course was effective!! My reading speed increased. Great idea to have positive reinforcements."

J. O’Neill, PhD Candidate Reid, Canberra, Australia

"We enjoyed Evelyn’s enthusiasm. We effectively increased our reading speed without losing comprehension. We appreciated the details of this Home Study course and benefited from the repetition of the five practice techniques. Great analogies."

G. and H. Saunders Calgary, Alberta